At AgriLux International (Pvt) Ltd., we are blessed with a long professional experience of importing these products;


Pakistan is the 4th largest producer and 3rd largest consumer of cotton.Textile is one of the major item Pakistan exports worldwide. However due to the growing demand of imported textiles/garments, Pakistan is one of the largest importer too. AgriLux International (Private) Limited imports and distributes the below all over Pakistan;

Cooling Fabric Import
Satin Style Fabric Imports
Textile Upholstery Import
Fine Wool Imports
Spunbound Non Woven Import
Linen Type Textile Imports
Decorative Leather Import
Emboss Fabric Imports
Embroidery Fabric Import
Jacquard Fabric Imports
Printed Fabric Import


We at AgriLux import and sell high class exotic furniture nationwide in Pakistan as well as re-export overseas.

Outdoor furniture import
Indoor furniture imports
Europe style furniture import
Hotel furniture imports
Office furniture import
Aluminum patio furniture imports
Bedroom furniture import
Carved furniture imports
Closet furniture import
Fabric furniture imports
Kitchen tables import
Living room furniture imports
Ratan furniture import
Wooden furniture imports
Sofa Couches furniture import
Recliner furniture imports
Bedroom sets 3D, 4D furniture import
Royalty furniture import
Dining room furniture imports


Our company is one of the pioneer importers of Japanese quality vehicles as well as importing cars from worldwide.

We have the following updated makes available as Sedans, Hatchbacks, Coupes, Station Wagons, SUVs, Vans, Hybrids and others for sale all over Pakistan at highly competitive pricing;

Toyota Import
Honda Import
Mitsubishi Import
Nissan Imports
Suzuki Imports
Mazda Import
Daihatsu Import
Audi Imports
Ford Import
Lexus Imports


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