Our Story

Almost 32 years serving local exporters with the supply of various agricultural products in bulk!

A family-run business operating since 1989 in Pakistan by the name of Saaf Trading Company, AgriLux International (Private) Limited was formed after decades of experience in the trade of supply and purchases when the family felt the need to expand operations towards import and export. Today,

AgriLux is connected with over 20+ nations for trade, import & export working with countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, United States, United Kingdom, Madagascar, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia including Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE & Kuwait.

Steadily and faithfully, AgriLux now stands as one of the finest exporter of Pakistani Rice, Botanical/Medicinal Herbs, Dry Fruits and Culinary Spices. We have nationwide products available for exports and that too with fair trade practices to follow. Apart from our exports, we are passionate of our import products which include but not limited to Textiles, Exotic High-End Luxury Furniture & Imported Cars.

AgriLux Interntional (Private) Limited is driven to bringing quality products directly to you and is highly thankful to our honorable clientele who have helped us achieve such status.

Our Mission

Available 24/7 for your needs, AgriLux aims to exceed customers’ expectations with innovative and bespoke quality products and services

Our Vision

To become one of the most trusted partner in agricultural export and import of high quality products.


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