My words are a bit sharper than my looks, so the idea behind Loveflutter really appeals to me

My words are a bit sharper than my looks, so the idea behind Loveflutter really appeals to me


Rather than swiping left or right based entirely on a few pictures, Loveflutter asks you to provide a quirky fact about yourself, and then obscures your picture behind it. To see someone else’s photo, you’ll have to decide whether you like their fact or not. It’s still easy enough to be superficial, but it gives you the chance to put your sense of humor and (hopefully interesting) personality right out front.

It only took me two days to come up with my interesting fact, which is “One time I got my hand stuck in a jar of organic peanut butter.” Pretty great, right? I didn’t hear anything back on Loveflutter, I assume because of the meteoric rise of peanut allergies? There’s got to be a way to find women who share interests with me. With the next app, I will try to avoid another peanut misstep.


Bristlr isn’t as much about dating or hooking up as it is about connecting people. It won’t ask too many questions when you first sign up, but it is the first time I’ve had the privilege of checking a box titled “I have a beard.” If you have facial hair, sign up to find people nearby looking to tenderly stroke it; if you don’t have a beard, use it to find the nearest one.

If you’re hirsute, or you’re into that, look no further. The feed is populated with a nigh-endless selection of those with an active interest in facial hair, often a sticking point in early relationships, especially with a guy like me, where the beard comes as part of the package. I guess there’s nothing to be done if your beard isn’t up to snuff these days, but I have other interests, so I’ll leave my Bristlr profile to steep for a bit, keep the old face forest oiled, and see what comes of it.


A lot of Tinder-like apps just throw random people at you with no attention paid to how well you might get along with them. Glimpse wants to change that by attaching itself to your Instagram account, and using photo locations, content, and hashtags as a way to find people nearby you who are into (or at least take pictures of) the same stuff.

It’s a great concept, and I’m an active Instagrammer, so I set off in search of my photographic match. Unfortunately it seemed like most of the people on the site were just looking for more followers, which is great and all, but I’m looking for something more serious, but maybe there’s another way to easily connect with like-minded people.


People have used music as a common conversation point since e onto the scene, and sets our search of those with similar tastes right from the get-go. Whether you’re a Juggalo for life or an EDM fanatic, will find people who are into the same crazy tunes. With Spotify and iTunes integration, you don’t have to go through the process of sitting there and trying to make a list of the artists you listen to – the app scans your music automatically.

In theory, this is awesome, since you know you’ll have at least one thing engineer phone chat line to talk about if you do meet up, and you can also go to concerts together, or a record store. Unfortunately, I guess there aren’t many women in the area as fond of Kendrick La, so I reached out to the few it suggested for me and figured I would come back and check on them later. At this point, I’m ready to try anything just to get a response, so I think it’s time to hit a chat app.

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