It represents the requirement to getting with her to generally share lifestyle and avoid loneliness

It represents the requirement to getting with her to generally share lifestyle and avoid loneliness

The present studies assumes on good qualitative characteristics, picking out the understanding of the feeling away from love when you look at the younger teens, who’re studying from inside the a beneficial facilities on the province off Concepcion, Biobio area (Chile)

5panionate Like (closeness and you may relationship): he or she is people or marriage ceremonies with good love and you will commitment to be together with her, however, in which there’s absolutely no interests. It’s very usually mistaken for the new thinking as a result of a great deep and true relationship or perhaps in household members links; both in there’s absolutely no hobbies otherwise sexual desire.

6. Fatuous Love (welfare and you will commitment): corresponds to people which often stress the value of commitment together with overflowing interests one to pops up on a particular some time place; however, there’s no closeness or intimacy needed seriously to promote foregone conclusion or balances to that dating.

seven. It’s always maximum aspiration off couples, however, partners reach they. Maybe, the very best difficulty of this type out-of love are portrayed by the brand new proper care that must be taken in their realization, as it can be transformed into a sociable love or a keen blank love.

Consummate Love (closeness, passion and you will relationship): They portray the ideal like, it will be the over and you will international type of like which enables restrict contentment and you can fulfillment of your people in the couple

When you look at the contribution, Sternberg (1986) together with his triangular principle regarding love points out that interactions off couples is constituted not as much as triad logic where these types of around three size exist, which can will vary depending on the history of the couple. Condition that assists explain the possible disputes and you can problems that appears on relationship regarding a couple crazy, where the fresh personal otherwise sexual partners off the present kids do maybe not eliminate.

On the framework and you may build of means, the abstract categories of the fresh new triangular brand of passion for Stenberg (1986 and you will 1988) was indeed applied, looking for all of the concerns asked were with the certainly its elements, that is, if your question increased try from a nature relative to intimacy, passions and you may partnership.

Brand new appliance believed new format from a study which had been applied on line through the Questionnaire Monkey system, with all in all, 38 various other questions speaking about affective, intimate, value and you will attitudinal issue, trying to define the experience of such young adults alongside the thematic under studies.

It ought to be noted that appliance had a validation of judges (about three specialists in orientation, mindset and you may pedagogy), and in addition a pilot software (a couple selected pupils), to dictate the significance, legitimacy and applicability in the told you target inhabitants of study. Subsequently, the fresh new enhanced survey was used towards selected try regarding college students out-of educational associations regarding the Biobio area for Chile, inside the few days away from . The fresh new chosen subjects have been acceptance to participate the study, guaranteeing respect, privacy and you will privacy of their solutions.

The newest answers were categorized on groups locate trend, so you’re able to establish teenage habits in the place of the issue below analysis. In addition, the tabulation of the results merely looked for to explain trends or pick associated regions of the challenge under studies, so you’re able to support the new interpretation and understanding of the details gotten.

The participants have been 48 anybody, with 77.0% was girls (37 students) and twenty two.9% try kid (11), with a beneficial 93% amongst the age fifteen and you may 17. The vast majority of select themselves once the Catholic (38.3%), 23.4% is actually Evangelicals, dos.1% try Adventist and you may 4.3% is Mormons.

According to variety of management the instructional organization from the young consulted have, 58.3% is inspired by private paid organizations and you will 41.6% come from district highest universities. On this occasion, youngsters out of paid back private colleges just weren’t called.

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