Cabletime N036 USB-A to TypeC 2m Short Review

For AWG24: 0.0842 (ohm/m) * 2 (meters) * 2 (two power conductors per cable) = 0.3368 ohm. Just at this time, Cabletime spammed us with discounts on a two-meter USB-A -> TypeC cable, so after reading the positive reviews on TypeC – TypeC cables from this company, and stocking up on a $1 coupon from the seller, I decided to buy. A small burr is visible on the USB-A case. Interesting stuff: I will say right away – the cable was not particularly impressed.
The name of the manufacturer is on the plugs.

Cabletime N036 USB-A to TypeC 2m Short Review

Rigidity, respectively, is much greater. And here it is, the moment of truth – we connect it to the tester to measure the resistance. Cable in standard rubber-like insulation, pleasant to the touch, not hard, medium thickness. Result – could be much better, although not bad for two meters. However, for low power loads Let’s estimate whether the manufacturer has deceived with the thickness of the wires used. The agreement between theory and experimental data is downright impressive. Resistance 0.34 Ohm. For two meters, the result is not impressive, so, average. Those. the cable “holds” both 1A, and 2A, and 3A, but the acceptable voltage at the cable output with 5-volt charging will be only at a current of 1A. I needed a long TypeC cable to power the device without PD. Inside is a branded plastic bag with a cable. Length measured 202 cm with plugs. HI-SPEED USB Revision 2.0 SHIELDED 26AWG/1P 24AWG/2C… 80°C 30V VW-1 VEGA TECH
The order was sent quickly by Aliexpress Saver Shipping, it also arrived quickly in a regular yellow postal package. For a load of 1A and 5V at the charging output, the voltage after the cable will be at the lower limit of the allowable: 4.76V. Logically, the field lines should be 24AWG, and for the data – 26AWG. I have an unnamed 2m TypeC-TypeC cable that came with the Wotobe charger, and it has half the resistance – 0.18 ohms. It’s not very clear which wire is used in which lines, but just remember that the design resistance of 26AWG is 0.134 Ohm/m, and the resistance of 24AWG is 0.0842 Ohm/m. Anything about the cores and characteristics of the cable is printed on the insulation. I honestly expected better based on reviews of other cables from this company. Current 1A.

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