Small overview of markers from China

Now I will order 12 markers, also on a nitro base from another company, I hope that all the pluses are due to the type of paint, and not because of the material of the skirt. The following white markers, on a base that I don’t understand, were found to be erasable.

Small overview of markers from China

This marker, after I started using it on a nitro basis, seemed very bad, perhaps its worthy application is only what is indicated in the product advertisement: paint the wheels of a car once all four at the same time – because its skirt dries up on the second day of use and becomes hard. There is enough paint inside it, and a metal ball helps to stir the paint. Also, it writes better on a contaminated surface, if in oil paint markers dirt and dust mixes with paint and dries on the skirt, then this behavior is almost not expressed in this marker. The next marker is the most popular in orders from oil to aliexpress. In truth, it is worth noting that the written inscription on the painted metal is almost never erased after drying, perhaps the marker is easily erased only from smooth plastics. The last marker I bought offline, a Russian company makes to order in China. Once I dismantled such a golden color, there was a lot of liquid paint in it, but it dried up and did not write, and the point is that there is a lot of paint when it cannot be worked out. The marker inscriptions themselves last for several years, do not fade, but become brittle over time, and if you run your fingernail, a scratch is easily formed. More effort is required than silver, but this option does not suit me. It has a metal ball and a push-on skirt like an oil marker. Their skirt is made of plastic with a hole in the shape of a cross, but after drying, the marker does not write at all, when pressed due to a clogged capillary of the skirt, the paint only gets dirty. The marker spins, but you shouldn’t do it – you can get everything dirty, well, if you do it carefully, but I don’t see the point. They also have a metal ball, and at the first use, the impressions were only positive. For me, this is a useless marker, in vain I just gave money to the Chinese. In the first use, the paint impregnates the skirt not completely, but in patches, and from the outside it seems that the marker will write poorly, but it doesn’t write well (the photo shows that the skirt is yellow, but the marker writes beautifully). Marker paint on a nitro basis. The younger brother inherited all the problems of the elder, and it is impossible to work after drying. The behavior of paint in the sun and scratches is similar to oil. As for UV resistance and mechanical, I have not tested them enough yet. I used them for a long time, for a year, ordering new markers as the old ones deteriorated. The situation is aggravated by the fact that after the sponge has hardened, the drops begin to get dirty and the cap does not close well, and thus everything is only aggravated. In general, for me, it is not much better than an oil marker from China. Unlike oil, here the marker does not dry out within a few days, but makes it possible to use for a long time. The description of the product stated that the marker writes on everything, but did not say how resistant it was to abrasion. So far, in terms of performance and convenience, as well as the economical component, I have settled on these markers. The material of the dub is very different from oil markers. After drying by the forces of surface tension, the paint on the letters collects in local points, and in some places only the solvent (water?) remains, and the inscription is not entirely clear. The marker, most likely with acrylic-based paint, writes thicker than everyone else and is blurry, it feels like when you dilute the paint with the wrong solvent. So the first marker, which I was not at all satisfied with, was a Chinese building marker, even after drying it is easily smeared on the surface of plastic or paper, the photo shows how I smeared it with my finger after swiping it several times. The marker is more likely for those who need to mark a cut, draft – for this mission, the marker copes, has a thin skirt, writes well on rusty, dirty surfaces. Perhaps I’m wrong and the reason is not in the type of paint, but in the porous material of the skirt. Sometimes inscriptions need to be made on a small label, and if it is a cassette with seedlings, then it is not very convenient to do this with a thick marker on a small area. The marker bought offline is very similar to the previous one, as it is also oil-based, but the paint consistency is better, and the skirt does not dry out so quickly, which prolongs the life of the marker. Pressing the skirt releases drops of oil paint, but they no longer impregnate the material of the skirt, but drip onto the surface, and the solvent does not help much to soften the skirt, if it does not help for long. Due to the fact that these markers do not dry out, close tightly, they can be used until the dye liquid runs out. The photo shows how, after drying, the letters are erased from the plastic of the cassette, the color of the markers is bright white, and at first it looks like oil paint, but, unfortunately, they are erased. For the test, I ordered small markers from Gana. But surprisingly, the marker does not rub off, and behaves like acrylic paint, the drying time of the inscription is several seconds longer than oil markers. They do not have a ball, and the skirt is not pressed to apply paint like in oil paints, but their advantage is that they do not dry out, it may be useful for someone to sign not often dark surfaces. The marker writes well only when fresh. It is difficult to find such oil paint that dries quickly and it is easier to buy a new one than to refill. They wash, but it’s hard. One girl in a product review noted that the marker was erased from the surface, but I did not read it, but when I ordered it, I was disappointed.

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