The new Nokia 9 will be a flagship killer, here’s why

The new Nokia 9 will be a flagship killer, here’s why

Nokia returns to the market. HMD Global, a manufacturer of new phones licensed by Nokia, has already released three Android smartphones and plans to introduce three or four more by the end of 2017, including the Nokia 9. The company said the phones will be available worldwide by the end of June. .

The new Nokia 9 will be a flagship killer, that's why

Nokia 9 is on its way

Nokia’s global debut under the new brand is also linked to the Nokia 9 Android phone. HMD’s supposed flagship has been rumored for a long time, and recently we’ve seen some prototypes leaked online.

But what to expect from the Nokia 9? Will it be a worthy bearer of the Nokia name, or on par with the rest of the flagships this year? Everyone is still saying that HMD will bring us an outstanding device, I personally think it will be a flagship killer. Here are some reasons why.

Nokia 9 is on its way to you

Classic design with high build quality

Leaked photos claiming to be HMD’s new flagship have revealed some of the features. Assuming that the device made from these materials is indeed the Nokia 9, we can conclude that the phone is very similar to what we have seen from Nokia so far, with a 9:16 display, atop a solid aluminum body. What distinguishes it from less powerful brothers and sisters is the vertically mounted dual camera.

A classic take on smartphone design, without questionable proportions, edge-to-edge screens, or tapered edges. So far, only Sony, the only major manufacturer, is offering something similar with the Xperia XZ Premium in 2017.

Classic design with high build quality

One of the most durable flagships of 2017

What does a Nokia device need to outperform Sony? One word – durability. When it comes to tests, few people manage to do them right and be objective. One of them is the famous YouTuber – JerryRigEverything.

He recorded two videos with the Nokia 6 – running his already iconic "Burn and Bend" tests, which confirmed that the Nokia 6 can handle a lot thanks to the sheer amount of aluminum on the body. When Jerry removed the screen, he found that it was attached with a crazy amount of screws, like all the insides, located between two metal plates.

Keep in mind that the Nokia 6 is a mid-range device. The flagship device will probably get everything that HMD offers in its affordable options with extra features. Thus, there is no reason to believe that the Nokia 9 will be any less durable.

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